Saturday, May 7, 2011


So, yesterday I was up at the church helping go through and seperate all the stuff we are taking to Alabama for the victims! I am so happy at all the stuff but we are in desperate need of baby stuff! There is hardly anything for babies!!! We need baby diapers, wipes, baby food, onesies, etc.!!!! We are also needing female hygine products!! We have plenty of clothing, so we are needing more "stuff"! Please take all your items up to the church! It is all seperated so it is easy to figure out where to put it! I know that it is short notice but every little bit helps!!!!!!!
I am sitting here at my kitchen table..just looked outside and it is raining! blah..not again! :( We have more than enough rain to last for awhile!
Last night, Jennifer and I took off to Jonesboro. She needed to pick up some stuff so I decided to ride with her. I knew this would be a good time for me to get some "cheap" stuff at Target and Walgreens!! The sad thing is we didn't even get to Jonesboro till 7:30 so that did not leave much time to shop! I was so proud of myself I did not buy anything in any of the stores except what I went for! So after she got what she was needing, we headed to Target with the "coupon binder"! ;) watch out Target here we come!

We had a blast getting all this! I was laughing at Jennifer because she was getting nervous! We got 10 packages of old spice! In each package there is two bottles of product, so we really got 20 items! They were $4 for one and I had a buy one get one free coupon and then a dollar off on top of that! In the end, we paid $3 for 4 items! Hope this makes sense..Jenn was getting so confused last night! I added it up...if we would have paid retail it would have been $40 dollars for all of it and we paid $15!!! I think this is an amazing deal considering my husband uses this!! The rest of the stuff in the picture I paid around $10 for, so I did really good! Many have ask if I am saving money....yes..but right now we are not seeing much but since I have done good on razors and bodywash, I will not have to buy any for awhile so that is when I will see my savings..I will not have to buy any of this for along time...and I got it dirt cheap!
Well, I am going to get off here and spend some time with my family! Matthew and I have a wedding to go to tonight! We are looking forward to alone time and spending time with other adults! ;) It's amazing how when you have kids you look forward to adult conversation and spending time with other couples!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!!!!!

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