Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I Am Loving Wednesday!

I'm Loving that the storms did not get bad at all! It really did not even storm here! I had been praying about it most of the day! My heart still goes out to everyone that was affected!

I'm Loving that today was Allyson's 8th grade graduation! So proud of her! and Jagger did really well during the graduation!

Love you sweet girl!
I'm Loving Nutella! Spread this stuff on a bagel or a piece of toast! OMGoodness!

I'm Loving that I FINALLY found something that helps my back! I have the worst back in the world and since we have been running it has gotten bad! but this has been amazing! Excedrin Back and Body! Oh yes!

I'm Loving my amazingly sweet good-looking hubby and my precious baby boy! Wow..I am blessed!
First time- nope not ready!

Second time- Still not ready!!!

Third time- decent but your eyes are closed? Why with kids does it take multiple times to get a some what descent picture?

Love this one!
 Link up here and tell us what you love!! Hope everyone had a blessed Wednesday!

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  1. Love Nutella and toast! It has been one of my favorite "treats" since I was little.