Friday, May 27, 2011

Flashback- Graduation 2004!

So all of this graduation stuff got me thinking about the year I graduated! I was class of 2004! I can not believe I have been out of school for 7 years! Wow...where have the years gone! After graduation, Matthew and I got home and I started pulling stuff out of the attic...It is amazing how things change in 7 years!
I love being able to look back at my scrapbook and see what I was doing! All the pictures in this post are scanned in so if they don't look too good that is why!
Gas prices in 2004 : $1.99   not too bad but not super cheap! I was driving a black mustang so it probably didn't cost much to fill up!
Best friends - Amy, Sarah W, Amber, Elise,Sarah G and Audra! .....  Amy, Sarah, Amber, and me were always together acting crazy... I have some of my best memories with these girls! Makes me want to cry thinking about it!

Girls don't kill me for this picture! but it shows how much fun we had!!
Popular songs in 2004 -  I love this bar - Toby Keith, Cowboys Like Us- George Strait, Yeah by Usher, So Far Away - Staind,
Job- I worked at Ken's Sav On Drug in high school! I loved this job!!! Some super amazing people there! ;)
Homecoming- I was the Student Council sweetheart and John Aska was my escort....In my book it says we won the it was a great Homecoming! Go Lions! ;)

the book shelf in the back ground was props from the school play!
Senior Prom- Amazing! We had the time of our lives....our group went in a stretch navigator...the theme was Hollywood Nights! (sad- can't find my pictures)
It was just an all together great senior year! I can't wait for a 10 year reunion to see what everyone is up too!
Getting the diploma I worked hard for! I did graduate with honors so I was happy! ;)

Senior Picture

Yearbook picture! 

Enough about graduation, hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend! Be safe and be blessed!

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