Friday, May 20, 2011

My Refrigerator!

This is so random but the other day Matthew and I were talking about the show Cribs. For those of you who do not know what this was a show that came on MTV where celebrities would let the cameras in their homes and show a tour! I loved it! My favorite part became the refrigerator! I love to see what people eat! I know I am weird... Is your fridge organized, full of condiments, empty, or stuffed full of stuff? is the outside full of pictures like mine, or do you like it plain? I think a fridge says alot about a family!  So here is a look into our fridge! I try and keep my fridge as clean as I can...I do clean out the food alot! The top shelf is normally full of drinks. My boys are big milk drinkers so we always have milk! Behind the milk we have Simply Lemonade! So yummy! The next shelf is eggs ( I do not keep my eggs in the "egg holder"..not sure why?)... left over subway- lunch today! ;) For some reason, we have 3 tubs of butter??? why...i have no idea! I guess I need to get to using some butter!
We have so many condiments...I do not understand this..but my family is condiment parents have tons of it...My cousin Teressa makes fun of us! We don't really have anything out of the ordinary...We have the usual salad dressings..French dressing( Matthew has to have this with his pizza), ranch, italian dressing, Hot sauce, peppers, pickles, creamers, soy sauce, oh and the random bottle of pepto? :)
There are certain things that we end up with so much of...We are big cheese he have a ton of cheese...we love tortilla so I try to keep those at all times...and Jagger loves breakfast we always have that!

So what is in your fridge??

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  1. Now this was a unique post.. and I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!

    I always wanted to see what people had in their fridge too!!

    My front looks like yours- I LOVE pictures on there :)