Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day!!

Mother's Day is such a sweet day! Mothers are so special and you never realize how much they do till you have kids of your own! I feel so blessed and thank God everyday that I am getting to be a mom! I pray that I am great mom who Jagger will be proud of! I found this super cute poem about being a mom...I love it and I feel it sums up how I feel about the experience!
Super Mom
I am a bum wiping
Spider squishing
Vegetable sneaking
Sticky floor cleaning

I am a lullaby singing
Bear hug giving
Good night kissing
Boo boo fixing

I am a grocery shopping
Tantrum stopping
Potty training
Diaper changing

I am mom!

I hope everyone had a blessed day! Happy mothers day! I love you momma!

Happy Mothers Day to Me!!! Love this baby! ;)

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