Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So Funny!

Two year olds are so funny!! Jagger is constantly doing something funny! Matthew and I are always cracking up and sometimes it is very hard because we might be trying to get on to him but right in the middle of it we are cracking up!!! Yesterday afternoon I started feeling sick, so Jagger and I went in his room to play. I laid down on his toddler bed while he played. I closed my eyes for a few minutes and when I opened my eyes he was sitting there with Mr. Potato pieces and instead of putting them on Mr. Potato he was putting them on himself!!! hahah I started cracking up! He had the two ears in his ears and the mouth in his! I wish I would have had my camera! He didn't even know I was watching him until I was cracking up! I love the stage his is at....he is so fun! There are times it is very hard because he is also going through this attitude thing!!!! blah I don't like that but I guess that is just part of it!
Last night, we went to Matthews grandmas to eat! He loves going to Grandma Betty's! He can get away with murder there..and he knows it! They learn so fast what they can and cant' do! After supper, we played Just Dance Country....
If you haven't played should try it out!! We had so much fun! Matthew's Aunt Julie and I watched Allyson dance..and we cracked up! It is so funny!!! The people on the game are hysterical! Allyson did a great job dancing!! I was horrible, but I played! and we were really surprised at the songs! they are actually good country songs!
Please continue to keep all the flood and tornado victims in your prayers! I know they are still going through alot and prayers are needed! Our church is collecting stuff to take to Alabama next week, so if you have anything you would like to donate bring it to First Baptist Church- Kennett or let me know and I will take it!!!!
Hope everyone is having a blessed day!!!

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