Thursday, May 5, 2011

Awesome Night! Fantastic Ladies!!

Tonight was so awesome!!! It was the last night of "Frazzled Female" bible study!! We all went to Rick and Angie's coffee cafe and had dinner together!! I love all the ladies in our group! It was a bittersweet night! So good to be with the ladies but sad that it is over!! I think we are going to try and have a bible study reunion in a month or so!! ;) If you did not get to be a part of the study there is a book that relates to the study!
Mrs. Janet recommended this book! Its a 30 day read and I think it has places for journal entries! I will be getting this when I get to Lifeway in Jonesboro!!! The study was so good!!! I have been truly blessed to be in these studies and be around amazing women! and I am so sad...I took my camera to get a picture of our group but of course I left it in the car and forgot all about it!! Boo!!! :(
So, after the study, Jennifer and I headed to Wal-Mart! We went on our second coupon trip of the day!! hahah...yes, I said two! and this brings me to my next!!! Jennifer has seen today what coupons can do and save! I really hope people do not think that I am cheap or retarded for doing this...I am just having fun with it and if this is a way that I can give back to less fortunate, I'm in!!!
Here is what I got today!!! let me explain!!! I got 5 bottles of Dawn dishwashing soap....5 box of 2 Magic Erasers (love these!! we use them on everything)!!!......5 packages of razors (includes 4 that is 20 razors)..... 5 Oral B Tootbrushes (Free!!!) .....Tide stain removal.....2 packages of Gummy Bears (Me and Jaggers snacks!!).....Old El Paso Mexican 3 cans of refried beans and 3 cans of enchilada sauce..(The Cohn family will be having Mexican night one night next week! anyone wanna join??) .....2 speed stick deodorant....Neutrogena eyeliner and mascara (these were the most expensive things I got)!!!   Grand total = $18.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Woooohoo!!! I was very excited and proud of myself!!!  Now I know why couponing can get addicting! I am just thinking of all the wonderful stuff I can donate! I can't hardly contain myself! Helping Hands here I come!!!! ;)
Well I need to get off here and spend some sweet time with my sweet family!!!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!!!

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  1. I am SO jealous of your shopping trip! I'm trying my best to get into couponing, but I haven't "tried" it yet. I admit to being a little scared...