Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Terrific Tuesday!

So, I am not gonna lie, all these storms have gotten me a little scared and I have caught myself worrying a few times. I have had to stop myself and say "Megan, it will be ok...it is out of your hands..God is taking care of you!" I also have to tell myself to think of one day at a time and don't worry about what I can not control!
We still need to keep Joplin in our prayers and now parts of Oklahoma! Also pray that God protects us from the storms that are suppose to be heading our way!
Other than the thoughts of storms, today has been a great day! Jagger and I spent the day with Jennifer and Nolen! Jennifer got her hair cut this morning, so I kept the boys with me at the house! They had a blast! They were running and screaming. It was good to see them playing and having fun! After Jennifer got her hair cut, we went to Jonesboro to do some super quick shopping! I had a list and we stuck to it! Lifeway, Target, and Walgreens! Normally, we do not take the boys shopping because it is t-o-u-g-h to take a 2 year old and a 3 year old shopping! They go nuts! and I don't blame them but by the time we get to the check out Jennifer and I are so sweaty and red faced we look like we are training for a marathon! Today was awful..I was ready to get out of the store! but I got what I needed and thats what mattered! I had not really planned on going to Walgreens but we had extra time so we stopped by and I was so happy! The Walgreens in Jonesboro has put a limit on the number of sale products you can buy! I was jumping for joy! This means that people can not go in there and wipe the shelves clean. I finally got a chance to get all the good deals!!!! YAY!!

Yeah..it looks like a bunch of random stuff but its stuff we use! My total for all of this was ....drum roll!!! less than $15!!! I think it was like 14 dollars and some change! Yes..I was doing the happy dance! The little swimmers at Wal-Mart are 9.99 a package...and the Contact Solution was 7.99 for the box!! So I think I did amazing! We had a lot of fun today and I was even proud of Jennifer! She was using her coupons! :)
Hope everyone had a blessed day!!!

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