Friday, May 27, 2011

Graduation 2011

Last night was Justin's, Matthews cousin, high school graduation. I always enjoy graduations..It is a special time and to me high school graduations are emotional..It is such an exciting time in these kids life and now they are going on to starting a new chapter in life! I was happy because Jagger did so good! The graduation did not start till 8, and he had not had a nap...but he did amazing!! He ended up falling asleep during the ceremony, so that was ok but then in all the pictures Matthew is holding Jagger while he sleeps! hahah...oh well that is what happens when you have babies!

hahaha...i love this....he's thinking oh my when is this gonna be over??

Congrats Justin and graduating class of 2011!! We are so proud of you! Love ya!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!

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