Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Feeling Frugal?

Today is absolutely beautiful! The weather is gorgeous! Jagger and I have had a great day already! We haven't done much but that is ok!
We have taken on some major changes in the Cohn family! As of last night, we no longer have text messages and we got rid of our Direct Tv...Yes, most people think we are crazy and are wondering what we are doing!! Well,  as you all know Matthew and I are on a budget and are really trying to be debt free by October. We decided these were two things that would free over 150 dollars a month! After much prayer over what we needed to do, we felt this was right! We have also discussed how we feel like technology is becoming too much of our lives. We are almost letting it take over! I do not want Jagger to grow up depending on text messages and tv. I want him to know there is more to life than Iphones, facebook, twitter, expensive clothes, and all the other ridiculous things people think they can't live without. I think we have all gotten too dependent on these things for happiness. Now, I am not saying that in October when we are debt free we will not get our phones back, but I think this is just a good chance for us to focus on important things. Its funny because last night when I was on the phone with ATT the guy was in shock that we were down grading our phones. hahah..He said not many people do that! ;)
So if you are trying to text us and we do not respond it is not because we are mad at you!!!
Ok enough of that.....last week blogger was down..I was sad because I had done an amazing trip to Wal-Mart and did not get to show! So here it is!
The grand total for all of this was 15.64!!! I was thrilled...ok I know you are wondering why in the world is there 4 bottles of fixodent??? well the reason is...my grandmother uses it and they were FREE!!! so I had to get them for her! I know she will be excited! The Welch's juice was .49 after price match and coupons! I had to get 5! My Jagger goes through milk and juice like its going out of style! The palmolive soap was .25 each....carefree pantyliners = Free! and all the other stuff was dirt cheap! I made Matthew go with me and he was not happy but after he saw the total I did get a smile! ;)

Today, we ate lunch with the sister-in-laws/aunties! I am glad they wanted to go with us! After we ate, Claire went to Wal-Mart with us! This is what we got!

So it does not look like much and the total was $26 but the Loreal Sublime Bronze towels were 9 dollars a box! take those off and I spent $16...the water was 6 dollars for both and then the tampax pearls were .97 each...the bbq sauce was .20 each....tide release was .97 (this stuff is amazing)!! razors were free...and the huggies pull up wipes were .97! I was happy with it..and I guess that is all that matters! ;)

Hope everyone is having a super blessed day!

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  1. Oh great!!! how do you like those L'oreal towels??? I read something about them and was wondering how a reason person liked them! I would love to hear your feedback!!!!