Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy To Be Home!!

We are so happy to be home after a long weekend! This weekend we drove to Columbia to watch Charlyn graduate from college! So proud of her! Matthew and I are so glad we are not in the college scene anymore! I never really did the whole college thing. I went to college but never got involved! I was working full time the whole time through school, so I didn't have time for anything and I couldn't afford it! I think Matthews sisters have really enjoyed it, so I am happy for them!
I have had withdrawls from my blog this weekend! I didn't take my computer so I could not do anything on the computer this weekend! Tomorrow I plan on playing catch up! I will post pictures and tell more about the weekend! I am super happy to say that my son does so good in the car! He did great this weekend! I was so thankful! God has truly blessed me with a sweet husband and baby boy!
I know this was a super short post but I am tired and it is time for some rest! Our bed in the hotel was about like a piece of concrete and it made this horrible "creeeekkkk" noise everytime you moved so we are very happy to be back home in our comfy bed!
Hope everyone had a blessed day!!!!

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